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Audiweb – In October 2011: 27.3 million online Italian

Active users in the month of October 2011: 27,274,000

active users on an average day: 13124000

Time spent in average per person daily (hours: minutes): 1:21

Page views on average per day per person: 160

most important hourly bands:
————————————————– ——-
1) from 18:00 to 21:00: 6851000 * users connected to the Internet
2) from 15:00 to 18:00: 6839000 * users connected to the Internet
3) from 12:00 to 15:00: 6602000 * users connected to the Internet
4) from 09:00 to 12:00: 5657000 * users connected to the Internet
5) from 21:00 to 00:00: 5271000 * users connected to the Internet

* Active Users on an average day
————————————————– ——-

Ranking the most visited sites in Italy – October 2011
Website – Unique Monthly Users
. – 4036540
WindowsLive – ​​3148416 – ​​3135391 – ​​2402232 – ​​1482349 – ​​1255662 – ​​877672 – ​​753445 – ​​712725 – ​​615044 – ​​508244 – ​​393026 – 380870 – ​​366246 – 351600 – ​​337869 – ​​292643 – ​​251032

LinkedIn: 135 million members around the world: open the headquarters in Italy

After Paris, Stockholm, London, Dublin, Amsterdam and Monaco,
LinkedIn opens its headquarters, today, even in Italy,

But in Milan, of course.

Ariel Eckstein (managing director for Europe, Africa and Middle East of the social network dedicated to the work) states that 52% would be ready to mobilize professionals’ in U.E. and U.S. .: ie, ready to relocate to Europe and the United States to continue to follow his career.

Facebook, worth 100 billion dollars. IPO between April and June 2012

The Wall Street Journal announced that Facebook is set to arrive on the stock exchange, through a planned maxi I.P.O. 10 billion dollars that could present between April and June 2012.

The documents to the SEC to initiate the procedure for listing, will be ready by the end of 2011.

Facebook, its expected value is 100 billion dollars, but much will depend on ‘from the market and the European economy, as for now, and no final decision’ has yet been taken on the final value of the company ‘.

Facebook, now has 800 million registered users.
The value of these users is estimated at an annual turnover of $ 4 billion.

In addition, Facebook will have to disclose their financial information by April 2011.

But why?
Why will exceed the threshold of 500 shareholders and S.E.C. It requires all companies with more than 500 shareholders to communicate, mandatory and publicly their financial information.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, the social network has a market share estimated at around 24 billion dollars.

21 million subscribers in Italy on Facebook

From where users connect?
13 million use it every day, and these:
7.5 million of users connect to Facebook from Mobile (Smartphone, and other devices)
(Extrapolated data by the Observatory Facebook (Facebook / Ads))
while total users, who use the mobile device’s network, according Audiweb, has 9 million people.

Also according to Audiweb data, the total number of users who use the Internet in Italy is 27 million people in one month.
While, on an average day are 13.9 million Italians who use the Internet and of these: 13 million use Facebook every day.

If the use of the Internet, in Italy, has been reduced to “chat”, “chat” and “gossip”, all day …
… When it may be a user of the genre?

Unfortunately, this is the portrait of ” Italian average user “who uses the net …
… And if you have switched from selling from 70 Euro to CPM, in 1998-2000, to the current 0.15 euros per CPM, for some years now, because there will be a …
and the answer is: the online user, very little that is (unfortunately).

50 billion Euro in 2012 will be the value of the Italian economy on the web

Basically it is the equivalent of 3% of P.I.L. Italian.
The sector of online gaming has a turnover of 12.5 billion euros and represents 25% of the total.
What are the sectors that will drive the Italian net-economy in 2012?
– Travel (15 billion euros)
– Online games (12.5 billion euros)
– Financial Services (10 billion euros)
– E-commerce (8.7 billion Euro)
– Sex OnLine (3.7 billion Euro)

The Reputation Online (Web Reputation)? Better social networks with respect to Blog

A survey of the University ‘Cattolica and Digital Pr called “Brands Social Media”, it is noted that,

companies that have the company blog, they realized that it does little good.
Social networks fighting corporate blogs “self”.

The user comments, are worth much more, than it writes the press office, paid by the company. It is obvious that loses importance the company blog.

Due to the crisis, companies, have “wake up” and are starting to think digitally.

Companies build their reputation on the web:
– Facebook
– Twitter
– YouTube

100 selected companies. The most important of the Italian market.

5 sectors analyzed:
– Consumer Electronics
– Cars
– Banks and Insurance
– Retail and Large Distribution
– Services

Italian turnover for Internet Sites to October 2011: Display and Affiliate

Net turnover – DISPLAY: 38,858,000.00 Euro

Net turnover – AFFILIATES: 25,082,000.00 Euro

Net Revenues – TOTAL: 63,940,000.00 Euro

Data provided by ‘Osservatorio FCP Assointernet

DISPLAY = On page Off page + Video + adv + Mobile advertising direct + Mobile display advertising Newsletters + / e-mail advertising + Other types.

AFFILIATE = Performance + Classified / Directories
The values ​​represent the advertising revenues (aggregated by type of product) of the Dealers who declare their data to the Observatory FCP-Assointernet.

Search for the type, this figure includes the estimated value by the Observatory FCP-Assointernet of Google’s revenue.

The Dealers who declare their FCP-Assointernet Observatory Data: AdSolutions; Advit; Arcus; Banzai; Good morning; ClassPubblicità; Dada; Ed. Condé Nast; Finelco; Hearst; Hi Media; Leonardo ADV; Free SRL; Manzoni; Matrix; Mediamond; Microsoft MSN.IT; Publikompass; Publitalia; RCS; Reed Business; SEAT; Sipra; Sky Advertising; SPE; SPM; Sportnetwork; Tag Advertising; TGADV; Tiscali; Tradedoubler; WebAds; Websystem Il Sole 24 Ore; Yahoo! Italy.

2 out of 3 Italians prefer to read the newspaper online

Paper-based national newspapers continue to lose advertising copies sold and purchased by advertisers.

The current situation:
63% of those seeking news: read the version of your newspaper on the internet.

The reason?
And ‘at no cost and you can evaluate multiple sources.

Only 9.2% of the readers, still buy the printed version of a newspaper.

Research by Lewis Pr, also states that:
– Independent sites (12.3%) are slightly cinsiderati attractive
– Worst figure for blogs (3.1%) considered unreliable sources

However, the national newspaper sites, the best known, are perceived to be more reliable, than the generalist sites and news aggregators.

7 million Italians will buy Christmas gifts on the Internet

It says a search: TNS International carried out on behalf of

The major traffic flows and purchases, planned for the day:
December 12, 2011, via the mobile platform
and December 19, 2011, via traditional computers.

Where the Italians will buy gifts?
On the Web, of course.

How many will they be?
Over 7 million people.

Purchases from the phone:
– 10% will buy them ‘from your mobile phone

Italian undecided?
For all there is a delay in holiday shopping:
61% of Italians will start ‘to think about Christmas presents only in December,
and 18% will wait ‘the last days to buy their Christmas gifts.

The most ‘sought after and cherished gifts are:
– Travel (23%),
– Clothing and footwear (13%)
– Watches and Jewels (9%)

The reasons of buying online:
– 77% for the bargain price
– 59% time savings for
– 52% for this great offer
– 50% because ‘you can’ do at any time, without time constraints

The street furniture purchases on eBay in 2010, were: $ 2 billion.
In 2011 it is forecast to around 5 billion dollars.

Motorola sold to Google: $ 12.5 billion. 99% of shareholders approves

This is the largest acquisition in the history of Google.

E ‘also got the green light from the Motorola Mobility acquisition of the company’ by Google.

Google against Apple: thanks to Motorola’s patent portfolio, which it protects from future legal battles: weakness of Android, as well as produce their own mobile phones, and provide the software.

99% of Motorola’s shareholders have approved Google’s mega offer to buy Motorola for 12.5 billion dollars.

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