Month: May 2017

Entertainment – Ranking of the Social Network. Growing: Tumblr (+ 120%), Pinterest (+ 111%)

Here are the rankings of social networks based on the growth, according to the GlobalWebIndex report, which analyzed the last nine months of 2014, then up to September 2014:

– Tumblr (Yahoo! properties) (+ 120%)
– Pinterest (of Facebook) properties (+ 111%)
– Facebook, growing just 2% since the beginning of 2014 and is very close to the saturation point.

The search for GlobalWebIndex was performed on a sample of over 40,000 people.

In absolute numbers, despite the lack of growth, Facebook, still remains the first social network for audience:

1) Facebook
2) YouTube (66%)
3) Google+ (66%)
4) Twitter (55%)
5) Instagram (15%)
6) LinkedIn (15%)
7) Pinterest (15%)
8) Tumblr (9%)
9) Badoo (9%)
10) Myspace (9%)

Tumblr and Pinterest have younger users.
70% of users are between 16 years and 34 years.
While Facebook has a more adult audience, with over 25% of subscribers / users over 45 years.

As for the app, used on mobile, from smartphones and tablet:
1) Snapchat (growing by + 56%)
2) Facebook (it has a 43% stake)
3) Facebook Messenger (it has a 27% market share)
4) WhatsApp (it has a 25% share) (WhatsApp is owned by Facebook)


Entertainment – Yahoo! buys BrightRoll: 640 Million dollars for video advertising

Here is the first major acquisition of Yahoo !, after selling part of its stake in Alibaba.

Yahoo! Focus in the field of video advertising.

In the US, Yahoo! had a market share in online advertising (digital – ed)
declined to 5.8% in 2013.
For 2014 will continue to lose up to 4.9%, analysts said.

So, to get stronger, Yahoo! acquires BrightRoll (video platform) for 640 million dollars.
The payment was made in cash.

According to the CEO of Yahoo !, Marissa Mayer, the videos represent the largest growth opportunity for Yahoo!