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Cars & Transport | USA: Sales OnLine at + 24.3%, in the Black Friday

For the uninitiated: What is Black Friday (Black Friday)?

Black Friday is a particularly important day for trading in the United States.
It is a good indicator for both the predisposition to purchasing, both for the ability of US consumer spending, and is carefully observed and expected by all financial analysts is that the stock market: American and international.

The United States is the first Friday following the Thanksgiving Day (Thanksgiving):
in U.S.A. is the starting day for the season of the “Christmas shopping”.
In connection with it, all the larger retail chains and major brands, making substantial discounts and promotions to entice customers to purchase, in order to increase sales.

There have been numerous online sales during Black Friday (Friday, November 25, 2011).
Sales on the web increased by 24.3%, according to data released by the Wall Street Journal.

Reporting a 39.3% of online sales on Thanksgiving Day.
Now dli observers U.S.A., focus on Cyber ​​Monday, which is the most awaited day for online discounts.

Italy and what happened?
Queues, jostling and crowds throughout Italy in the sale points where were Coin for sale 5,000 pieces (in “limited edition”) of duvets of a famous brand at just 10 Euros.
The initiative had charity and all the down jackets were sold in a few hours.

Hundreds of people have queued since dawn in front of Coin stores.
Word of mouth on the Internet did the rest.

Cars & Transport | Video games, global market worth 65 billion euros

What is the value of the worldwide market for video games?
Between 57 and 65 billion euros

future predictions?
The video game market is expected to grow by 6.4%, to 2015.

China leads the standings and, even in this market, has a predominant role,
and is the fastest growing sector.
Italy is the 4th / 5th place in Europe for consumption: 1.035 billion Euro.

Some data on video games sales in international Blockbuster:
– Angry Birds: 500 million downloads
– Call of Duty: 6.5 million copies

Cars & Transport | Digital music in Italy in 2011: + 22% for the online market

At an altitude of turnover: 27.5 million euros

Music Digital, is more ‘of 21% of the music market in Italy.

Digital cd have reached: 37% (more ‘than tripled compared to 2009),
while individual grew by 25%.

Fimi and Deloitte estimate that in Italy grows downloading and online music streaming.
The global average is 8%, while in Italy the figure is 22%

Cars & Transport | Twitter: 25% of written messages, are “unnecessary”

A study carried out in the U.S.A. for the “perfect tweet”, says the data:
of 200 million Tweet that every day are written on “Social Network” (Twitter) 25% of the messages is virtually “useless.”

The research is based on the judgment that the same Twitter users, express,
in response to the question (“Who Gives a Tweet?”):
– In 39% of cases the judgment was neutral
– In 36% of cases the judgment was positive
– And finally, in 25% of cases the messages were deemed “unnecessary”

Search “manual for the perfect tweet” by the Carnegie Mellon University, MIT and the Georgia Institute of

Cars & Transport | SEO: Google no longer update the PageRank in the Toolbar

News a few weeks ago, but I had to wait before publishing,
to deepen the information better.
So my dear SEO, as they say in Rome, “and ‘mo f ** i know!”
If Google does not update as the data in the Toolbar PageRank, many SEO will be in serious difficulty.
And indeed: beginning on the first “collective redundancies” of SEO.
(I wrote a previous post, here is the link, the article: Companies looking for SEO Manager / SEO Specialist when Google does “disappear” their sites)
Therefore, this important information for all SEOs and website owners: no longer be available and updated.
And Google continues to “put a spoke in the wheels” to workers SEO and Web Marketing.
Google changes the cards “on the table”, to your liking, use and consumption!
And that’s not good!
Google: do not be evil!
First with the “not provided” in Google Analytics (and in all other statistics software – ed)
the keywords “click” by Google, will no longer be present in the statistical data,
and it will optimize the work of the organic results, and you have been forced to invest in Google Adwords,
to have a minimum of data on keywords!
and Google is grateful for the revenue with Google AdWords!
Now, Google also takes away the PageRank from the Toolbar, to penalize those who do SEO “Link Building” extreme (and / or a fee – ed)
Yes, because “it is forbidden” says Google, in the simple rules of webmasters.
Obvious: it is forbidden, because the Link Building has been “undermined” the Google “top secret” algorithm, and then, all he does lose money to Google, has become “no”!
Google does not want to divide “the cake” it ‘with SEO, it’ with web marketers.
John Mueller, Google, has also made it clear in a video:
It has reached the end of the important data in key SEO.
Farewell PageRank in Google Toolbar!






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